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How-To: Export QB into OneClick

Users of Quickbooks are familiar with it’s ability to generate summary reports, and many useful reports are already pre-configured for you already.  Additionally, you can extend and create new kinds of reports in Quickbooks, and optionally export those as spreadsheets, emails, or send … Continue reading

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Ideas waiting for their time again….

Walk into any megaplex movie theater, and you will notice two older technologies that have  come back in a HUGE way.  First there is 3-D, the formerly short lived horror flick gimmick from the 1950′s.  And then there is IMAX, the uber wide, uber fidelity, film format developed in the … Continue reading

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Knowledge Silos in the information age.

We’ve all had it happen. Some one suddenly leaves your organization, and all of a sudden, you now own one or more responsibilities that you know precious little about. It could be a set of accounts you now have to … Continue reading

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Long Live Shortcut Keys

Back in the day, there was a very popular word processor called WordStar.    It dominated the market as it existed in the early 1980′s.  The WordStar ctrl keys were a defacto standard, and mandatory knowledge for any touch typist in the workforce.   These keys … Continue reading

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