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Did you immediately recognize the iPod as an updated Walkman? If you remember floppy disks, flying toasters, green screens, and fanfold paper …. then here is a place to discuss parallels to today. After all, sooner or later, everything comes to it’s updated full circle.

Ideas waiting for their time again….

Walk into any megaplex movie theater, and you will notice two older technologies that have  come back in a HUGE way.  First there is 3-D, the formerly short lived horror flick gimmick from the 1950′s.  And then there is IMAX, the uber wide, uber fidelity, film format developed in the … Continue reading

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Long Live Shortcut Keys

Back in the day, there was a very popular word processor called WordStar.    It dominated the market as it existed in the early 1980′s.  The WordStar ctrl keys were a defacto standard, and mandatory knowledge for any touch typist in the workforce.   These keys … Continue reading

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